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7 celebrities that wear uggs with style

Posted on by Jason Su

Whether or not we like to admit, many of us take our fashion and style tips directly from celebrities. As we gaze upon the alluring expanse of glossy magazines, TV screens or Instagram profiles it becomes almost hypnotic.

“Where did they buy that?”

“Would it look good on me?”

“What on earth is that?”

But every now and then we remember that celebrities are just regular people like us. They are on their feet all day. They want to keep warm in winter. They need coffee. And they love wearing ugg boots!

In an ode to the biggest names that have rocked the humble ugg, we’ve dug up 7 of the most classic ugg outfits by some of the biggest names in music, movies and modelling (and even a Royal Family member for good measure).

Get inspired for your next run-in with the paparazzi! (or your local barista, at least).

Gigi Hadid in Ugg Boots

#1 Gigi Hadid - Image: Pinterest

A mismatched bunch of clothes seem to come together perfectly for an effortless morning coffee run. Being a supermodel probably helps.

Hilary Duff in Ugg Boots

#2 Hilary Duff - Image: Pinterest

Pounding the pavement with a latte in hand, Hilary Duff has nailed it with dark colours to offset her classic light brown uggs.

Jennifer Lopez Wearing Uggs
# 3 Jennifer Lopez - Image: Pinterest
Simple, elegant, minimalist and stylish. And yes, we are talking about her uggs! (but the rest of the outfit gets 5 stars as well)

Sarah Jessica Parker Wears Uggs

#4 Sarah Jessica Parker - Image: Pinterest

SJP is the epitome of classic New York City style. When the temperature drops, she isn’t afraid to ditch the heels and roll out the sensible option.

Shia LeBouef Wearing Uggs
#5 Shia Labeouf - Image: Pinterest

Whilst it doesn’t look like Shia put too much thought into the overall outfit as a whole here, we applaud his confidence and willingness to adopt the “whatever is clean” policy.

Pharrel Williams Wearing Uggs
#7 Pharrell

We shouldn’t expect any less from one of the most stylish men on the planet at the moment. Textures, layers, accessories and uggs to top it off!

Princess Kate Wears uggs

#8 Princess Kate - Image: Pinterest

Even Royals are not immune to the allure of the ugg boot. Clearly being a Princess doesn’t mean you can’t relax…

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