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The importance of Australian made and owned ugg boots

Posted on by Jason Su

At Ugg Express, we understand the importance of supporting and celebrating local businesses - we're an Australian owned company ourselves, and we stock an extensive range of authentic Australian ugg boots.


What better way to celebrate Australia than with the quintessential Aussie shoe: the ugg boot. Made from premium sheepskin and wool, ugg boots are some of the most comfortable shoes ever created and built to last.

We have a huge range of Australian made and owned ugg boots available, all in stunning styles, vibrant colours and stylish shapes to ensure you can find a pair of uggs that are perfect for you while also supporting the Australian community.

In this article, we share some of our most iconic Australian made and owned ugg boot styles - read on.

Australian Made Unisex Tall Classic Ugg Boots

Made with premium Australian sheepskin, our Tall Classic Ugg Boots are highly insulated against both hot and cold temperatures, meaning you'll never be uncomfortable out in the weather.

tall sheepskin ugg boots

Australian Made Short Classic Ugg Boots

Our Australian Made Short Classic Ugg Boots are also one of our bestsellers.

These mid-calf ugg boots are made from top grade Australian sheepskin and wool which provides ultra warmth and comfort. 

short sheepskin ugg boots

Australian Made Mini Classic Ugg Boots

Our iconic Mini Classic Ugg Boots are made from authentic Australian sheepskin, giving your feet comfort in both summer and winter due to the insulation in the material.

This shorter style is also water resistant meaning that they will last longer in any weather.

mini sheepskin ugg boots

Australian Made Mens Scuff

This pair of Australian Made Mens Scuffs are made from premium double face sheepskin. The soft wool lining provides the ultimate luxury experience for a chill night or relaxing weekends.

mens sheepskin scuffs
sheepskin scuffs


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