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4 simple tips for looking after ugg boots

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop
When you invest in a pair of good quality ugg boots, you will want to make sure you are looking after them properly.
Ask anyone who has made the switch from cold feet on the kitchen floor of a winter morning to cosy, comforting uggs and you’ll quickly see that we tend to form a strong attachment to our favourite uggs. It’s no wonder they tend become a staple of our weekend attire in the colder months.
So it makes sense to learn of couple of simple ways of looking after your ugg boots to extend their life and keep them looking, feeling and smelling wonderful.

1. Socks vs No Socks

As much as we hate to admit it, our feet can do a pretty good job of making a brand new pair uggs smell bad.

Obviously there is nothing quite like the feel of uggs on your bare feet, so if you simply can’t resist, we recommend at least wearing socks with your uggs when you plan to be the most active, as this is when your feet are most likely to sweat and produce odours. That way any excess moisture will be absorbed by the sock, rather than the ugg lining itself. Remember to choose high quality genuine cotton socks so you don’t make the sweat factor even worse!

Of course, the best rule to follow is go with what you feel most comfortable with.

You can also try putting a light coat of baby powder on your feet before wearing your uggs to combat light sweating.

2. Keep your uggs dry

Excessive moisture is almost guaranteed to cause damage to your uggs. You should NEVER attempt to soak your uggs or machine wash them. If they do get wet, hang them out of direct sunlight and allow them to dry naturally. NEVER put them in the dryer or use a heater or hairdryer to speed up the process.

3. Clean them by hand

From time to time it will be necessary to give your uggs a good clean. Avoid applying any liquid or cleaning solutions directly to the interior or exterior of the boots.

Use a clean dry cloth and lukewarm water or a purpose made sheepskin cleaner. Apply the water or cleaner to the cloth first then gently clean the boots and avoid excessive scrubbing.

Stuff your boots with old newspaper to help maintain a natural shape when drying.

4. Remove odours

To remove persistent unpleasant odours from your uggs, you can create a simple home remedy to apply to the inner lining for quick and easy ugg boot care. Mix together a couple of tablespoons each of bicarb soda and cornflour and then shake thoroughly through your uggs and allow to sit overnight. This will help to combat stubborn odours. You may also like to add a couple of drops of eucalyptus or lavender oil to the powder mixture for a long lasting and pleasant scent. By incorporating these simple steps in to your routine, you can make sure you are looking after your uggs properly, so they remain in great condition for a long time to come.

Have we inspired you to take better care of your uggs? Shop our range of care and maintenance products to keep your boots looking fresh!