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Men's Short Ugg Boots
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UGG Boots Men Large Size Short Classic,Australia Double Face Sheepskin

$325.00 $120.00

UGG Boots Australia Premium Double Face Sheepskin Unisex Short Classic

$158.00 $99.00

AS Unisex Short Classic Australian Made UGG Boots

$340.00 $140.00

Australian Made UGG Boots Short Classic

$210.00 $85.00

UGG Boots Australia Premium Sheepskin Unisex Short Classic Nappa

$186.00 $99.00

UGG Boots Australian Genuine Sheepskin Unisex Short Classic Suede

$200.00 $89.00

AS Short Zipper Ugg Boots

$186.00 $65.00

TA Unisex Short Classic Ugg Boots Double Face sheepskin

$225.00 $83.00

TOM AND JERRY Sheepskin Boots Short Classic Fluff

$467.00 $40.00

Jumbo UGG Australian Made Short Classic Boots

$199.00 $155.00

EVER Short Classic Australia Premium Sheepskin Unisex Boots

$189.00 $50.00

20% donate to Cancer Council
TA Cancer Council Short Classic Boots

$139.00 $69.50

Short Classic Sheepskin Boots

$275.00 $105.00

Our mens short ugg boots are made from genuine sheepskin. Shop the range online!

Need a multi-purpose pair of ugg boots for the cooler months?

Mens short ugg boots are perfect for the man who likes to keep things simple. Slip into a pair of short ugg boots after waking up in the morning - they’ll be just as comforting and cosy when you get home after a long, exhausting day.

At UGG Express, our ugg boots are designed to be multi-purpose. Whether you need a pair of comfortable boots to run down to the shops, meet up for drinks with the boys, or just for lazing around the house, we have ugg boots to keep your feet toasty warm.

Shop the range online now!

Our mens short uggs come in a wide range of colours and styles

At UGG Express, we want you to feel comfortable and confident in your ugg boots. We have a wide range of colours, sizes, and styles to meet your unique sense of style!

For the man who wants to keep it simple, we have our Mens Ugg Classic Short Uggs. Available in grey, black, tan, and chestnut, these boots are perfect for tucking into a pair of jeans. In winter, make sure to pack on the layers - scarves, gloves, jackets, and beanies. You’ll look comfortable and cool through the cooler months.

Alternatively, our Short Classic Nappa Boot looks high fashion with any outfit. Featuring a glossy, sheepskin finish, these boots could be mistaken for leather boots. Shiny and luxurious, these boots are perfect for the man who wants to step up their casual ugg boots.

We also offer short ugg boots with buttons and zips - find the ideal pair of boots online!

Genuine water-resistant sheepskin uggs for men on the go

Our mens short ugg boots are multi-purpose - you can wear them on the go! All of our ugg boots are made with premium Australian sheepskin which is water resistant - perfect for wearing rain, hail, or shine.

However, if you’re planning on wearing your mens short ugg boots in wet conditions, we recommend investing in our UGG Express water and oil repellent kit. Boasting maximum water repellency and the ability to keep your ugg boots fresh and clean for months at a time, make sure to check out our ugg protection kit.

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