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Ugg Cleaning & Care
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Improve the longevity of your uggs with our ugg cleaning products. Use ugg boots protector products to keep them looking like new.

Purchasing a new pair of boots is a thrill - whether they’re fashion boots for going out, cosy slippers for hanging out at home, or sheepskin ugg boots for both!

Naturally, you want to keep your suede or sheepskin boots looking fresh and new for as long as possible. For this, you’re going to need an ugg cleaning kit to care for your suede.

At Ugg Express, we love to see our customers taking care of their boots, which is why we offer a wide range of ugg cleaning products like Ugg Clean and Care Kit for Sheepskin Boots and Apparel and multi-purpose suede brushes for a deeper clean.

Make sure to add our Ugg Clean and Care Kit for Sheepskin Boots and Apparels
 to your cart when purchasing new boots - you’ll thank us later!

The art of ugg cleaning and protection

A lot of people are apprehensive about wetting or cleaning suede boots - and with good reason! Without the proper products and techniques, water can leave spots and marks on your boots, just like a day out in the rain. This is why we offer specialist ugg cleaning products to help keep your ugg boots looking brand new. We’ve written a few blogs around ugg cleaning, including:

The 8 Dos and Don’ts of Maintaining Your Ugg Boots

3 Alternatives to Washing Your Ugg Boots in the Washing Machine Too long, didn’t read? Here are a few tips to help keep your ugg boots in top shape:

● Don’t wash your ugg boots in the washing machine. This can do more harm than good, and can cause your ugg boots to come apart at the seams.

● Don’t use harsh chemicals or bleach to clean your boots. No matter how bad the stain is, these chemicals will cause an even bigger, unfixable problem! Instead, pick up our gentle ugg cleaning products like our  Ugg Clean and Care Kit for Sheepskin Boots and Apparel and use a gentle brush to remove the stain or mark.

● Do add an extra layer of suede protection to your boots. Our Ugg Clean and Care Kit for Sheepskin Boots and Apparel  can protect against mould, mildew, water, and oils, so you can keep your boots looking good as new.

Be the ugg boots protector your shoes need - shop ugg cleaning products online today!

It’s never been simpler to look after your suede shoes.

Our ugg cleaning products are gentle and effective, so your suede will stay soft, flexible, and clean for years to come. Shop online today - we offer flexible payment options like Afterpay, as well as fast shipping throughout Australia.