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Plush Toys & Stuffed Animals
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Moving Ear Bunny Plush Hat

$55.00 $25.00

Cartoon Cushion Sleeping Bag Size Medium

$105.00 $40.00

Cartoon Cushion Sleeping Bag Size Large

$121.00 $50.00

Soft Cuddly FLATOUT BEAR #11977

$108.00 $58.00

UGG Curly Pillow Cozy Sheep Shaped Cushion, Sanitized Wool Toy, Folded to Display

$120.00 $70.00

Tiny Lucky Display/Toy Sheep #LUCKYSHP

$170.00 $70.00

Plush Toys & Stuffed Animals

Treat the little one in your life to some adorable, snuggly plush toys today!

It’s impossible not to love stuffed animals. Covered in fluff and always there when you need a hug, stuffed animals are our super soft best friends, which is why we’ve created a range of extra cute plush toys and stuffed animals for kids of all ages. From kangaroos to bears, sheep, goats, and rams, we have stuffed animals for every animal lover to cuddle. Made from genuine Australian sheeps wool, our plush toys are 100% snuggable and 100% Australian made - perfect for gifting, cuddling, and finalising the set up of a nursery. Check out our adorable range of plush toys online - we have plenty to choose from!

FLATOUT Bears and stuffed animals for newborn babies

If you’re looking for a safe and age appropriate gift for a newborn baby, you’ve come to the right place. We stock FLATOUT Bears in a huge range of colours including milk, honey, latte, chocolate, pale blue, rosie pink, and many more, so you can match your bub’s FLATOUT Bear to their nursery design. FLATOUT Bears are safe for newborn babies and toddlers alike. The eyes and nose are safe to Australian and International Toy Safety Standards, and the flat design is ideal to keep newborn babies safe in their crib. Plus, the flat design is easier for toddlers to carry around, while they run their fingers through the piled sheeps wool and enjoy some sensory play. Alternatively, our Curly Cosy Sheep Shaped Cushion is ideal for nursing mothers who need a soft, safe surface over their lap where their baby can feed. This provides some extra support for mum’s back and keeps the baby calm while feeding. Plus, this large wooly cushion will help when the baby starts sitting up a bit more and needs some support around their back. Snuggly and helpful for baby’s development!

Delight the little ones in your life with our farmyard stuffed animals!

For the pre-teens in your life, consider gifting a sheep's wool kangaroo or an extra fluffy stuffed ram. Overflowing with super soft wool and fluff, it’d be impossible NOT to cuddle these cuties at night. Ready to start gift shopping? Check out online now! We offer fast and free shipping throughout Australia, so you can shop from the comfort of your couch. We’ll deliver your items direct to your door.