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5 essential items you need to create the perfect snuggly winter gift box

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop

Winter is a beautiful time of year.

There’s an icy fog clouding every window.

The crisp, cool air gives you three month’s break from the sweat, sunburn and searing heat of the harsh summer sun.

Finally, you can rug up and stay home inside all day without feeling guilty at all.

And we haven’t even mentioned the winter wardrobe.

Jackets, scarves and gloves start to make an appearance on the street.

The ugg boot becomes an outfit staple and, if you’re lucky, a snowflake or two will fall to make the day just a little bit more magical.

Yep, there’s something wonderful and whimsical about a snowy winter’s day… unless you aren’t prepared to brace the cold.

Winter is an absolute nightmare if you’re freezing your fingers off, endlessly shivering and forever counting down the seconds to spring.

Sound like someone you know?

We all have that person in our lives who just cannot deal with the winter chill...

What better way to express your love and appreciation (as well as minor concerns about hypothermia) than with a gift box filled with warm, snuggly items to get them through the cold?

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or surprise winter pick-me-up, why not warm your loved one’s heart with a bundle of presents to keep the cool weather at bay.

We’ve done our research and pulled together five perfect items for a toasty warm winter gift box.

Prepare your friends for a long, glamorous winter of life’s simple pleasures, delicious hot beverages and indoor movie marathons!

#1. Winter themed gift: Cadbury Hot Drinking Chocolate

hot chocolate on a winter day

Image source: Pexels

In the middle of winter, nothing warms you up like a steaming, rich hot chocolate.

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate is the king of all the store bought hot cocoa. It’s the taste bud tickling flavour of a classic bar of dairy milk chocolate - only warmed up in a mug for all your winter-warming needs.

Trust us - this stuff touches your soul on an icy cold winter’s day.

If you have a loved one’s birthday coming up in the winter months, this gift is a must for any budget.

You can pick up a 400g tin of Cadbury Drinking Chocolate from Woolies for as little as $4.00 or, if you want to go all out, you can purchase a 1.75kg Cafe Blend for $19.99 from Catch.com.au.

Let’s see how much we can drink in one winter, shall we?

Indulge your sweet-toothed friend with a little heart-warming treat.

No matter the age, gender or relationship - everyone will appreciate the gift of a nice hot choccy or 30!

#2. Winter themed gift: A lovingly home-knitted beanie or scarf

beanie for a winter gift box

Image source: Pexels

There’s one winning winter gift that takes time, love and dedication.

If you have the skills and the care - you have to knit your loved one a homemade beanie.

The process of knitting a brand new beanie is relaxing and meditative. You’ll enjoy the joys of a DIY winter project, and your gift recipient will be astounded by the thoughtfulness, dedication and care you’ve devoted to the surprise.

There’s no better way to show a friend you’re thinking of them.

Pop a knitted beanie into your winter gift box - and you can even hide the added hot chocolate bonanza waiting to be found inside!

Love Knitting Online offers a massive range of free knitting patterns online. This one is another budget-friendly option - all you have to do is purchase some yarn or wool in your friend’s favourite colours and the rest is cost-free.

Not sure how to get started? YouTube has millions of video tutorials to get you started. Go right on through to the Hobby Lobby first to learn all of the basics.

#3. Winter themed gift: A massive, blanket-sized scarf



Oversized scarves are a fuzzy cloud of winter-warming bliss.

And it’s not all comfort and pleasure.

Lenny Kravitz has been known to rock an enormous, blanket sized-scarf. The man is a style icon. If Lenny can do it, your friend can rock it from the sheets to the streets.

Blanket scarves double as a traditional neck warmer and a fabulous addition to your winter outfit, becoming the defining part of your look and keeping you snuggly warm all at the same time.

There are hundreds of ways to customise a blanket scarf, too.

Check out fashion blogger Gurl’s “Twenty Tips On How to Wear Blanket Scarves” for more inspiration.

Make sure you shoehorn one of these massive scarves into a winter gift box for your friend. Guy or girl - everyone will love the warmth of this cool-weather accessory.

#4. Winter themed gift: Some fluffy, comfy ugg boots

mini ugg boots


What’s the first thing you do when you get home from school, uni or work on a chilly winter’s day?

Yep, we throw on our ugg boots.

Gotta warm up those tootsies nice and quick!

Cold feet are the enemy of winter comfort.

A good quality ugg is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one this winter.

Australian sheepskin ugg boots are one of the most comforting, heartwarming parts of a long cold winter. Sliding your icy toes into some soft, cosy sheep’s wool is enough to make your day twice over.

We have a massive collection of Men’s and Women’s ugg boots available in a range of colours, styles and sizes to please just about anybody!

Check out our range online and pop some snuggly uggs into your next winter gift box.

#5. Winter themed gift: A slow cooker recipe book for deliciously satisfying, winter stews


Image: Pexels


A hearty stew is the traditional dish of winter.

Throwing some onions, mixed winter veg, a chunk of diced beef or chicken and a good splash of stock to simmer in a big, warm slow cooker is one of the greatest ways to embrace and enjoy the winter experience.

A thick, hearty stew for dinner with some crunchy bread to dip into the thick, unctuous sauce… everyone wants to be at that table right now.

The gift of a winter-themed cookbook is thoughtful, unique and super helpful. You can help your friends master the art of cooking stew with a winter-themed cookbook.

Booktopia has hundreds of cookbooks available online including “The Easiest Slow Cooker Book Ever!” by best selling author, Kim McCosker. It’s full of drool-worthy stews, soups and other winter recipes like roast beef, ginger infused silverside, pulled pork burgers and meatballs.

Your friends can embrace the freezing winter months and ace cold weather eating steaming hot stews from a helpful cookbook.

Give the gift of deliciousness and make sure you throw this gift into your winter bundle of warmth!

Create the warmest, snuggliest winter gift box ever with our suggestions

There are millions of options when it comes to creating the perfect winter gift box.

Everyone needs cuddly knitted beanies and scarves, gloves, steaming hot stews, rich hot chocolates and woolly, warm ugg boots with fresh sheep’s wool.

Winter would be a bitter, freezing ordeal without them!

The very best present for a winter-born friend or loved one is a winter-themed care package gift box. Prepare them for the coldest weeks of winter and snuggle up together for a long movie night in front of the fire.

Want to treat your friends with a fresh new pair of uggs? Shop our huge range of men’s and women’s ugg boots online today!

Image Source: Pexels