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Can you wear ugg boots in the snow?

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop

With the ski season well underway, many people are planning their weekend trips and looking for ways to keep cosy against the winter chill.

While a snug pair of ugg boots may be one of your favourite options when looking to rug up, is it really the best choice when down in the snow?

Here at Ugg Express, we do pride ourselves on creating the best quality ugg products for our customers and this includes designing a number of water-resistant styles. While this feature is great for everyday wear, when it comes to snow it may not be as effective.

Even with waterproofing treatment, water resistant ugg products can become damp when submerged in water or snow and this can also leave marks on the beautiful suede exterior.

If you are looking for boots to venture out in the snow in, we would suggest our waterproof Vivily Gumboots, Veronica Gumboots, Vinia Gumboots. Boasting an Australian sheepskin insole for warmth and PVC exterior to keep you dry, these are the perfect boots for walking around in the snow.

Vivily Gumboots


Veronica Gumboots


Vinia Gumboots


This year we got another opinion for you introducing our top-seller women's Coated Classic Ugg Boots the ugg boots you can wear on really rainy days. While many of our ugg boots are water-repellent, it’s difficult to maintain the sheepskin material when it’s bucketing down. That’s why you’ll love the Australian Shepherd Waterproof Ugg Boots! 

Coated Classic Ugg Boots

Although we recommend you don’t wear your ugg boots out into the snow, we would still suggest bringing them on your ski trip to keep you warm while you enjoy your time inside after hitting the slopes.

Take a look through our sale items to pick up an amazing deal on a new pair of ugg boots or explore our various collections for something more unique.

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