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4 celebs in fluffy slippers to inspire your spring wardrobe

Posted on by Jason Su

With Spring right around the corner, we predict fluffy slippers are going to be the season's comfiest trend. We can see it already — some of the world's most famous celebs are rocking fluffy slippers with every outfit.

Think Zendaya and Jennifer Anniston — both are matching their fluffy slippers and slides with jeans and dresses outside the house, proving that comfort can be cute in any setting!

To inspire your spring wardrobe, we've rounded up some of our favourite looks from A-list celebs who make "comfy" look cool.


#1. Jennifer Anniston

jennifer anniston wearing fluffy slides


Jennifer Anniston knows how to make creature comforts look extra chic on the streets.

You can create this look with our iconic Australian Shepherd Nala Slippers. These stylish and ultra-fluffy slides will be your go-to shoes for spring! 

Available in multiple colours, you can match your slides to almost any outfit.

grey fluffy slides
fluffy grey slides

#2. Zendaya

zendaya wearing wool slippers


Hollywood's up-and-coming golden girl, Zendaya, opts for classic ugg slippers when she steps out her front door. Wearing classic chestnut and white sheep's wool slippers, she even looks incredible in her comfy clothes.

You can create this look with our Rosa Slippers or Robert Slippers. 

These fashionable spring slippers are made from Australian sheepskin with a fluffy wool lining and suede upper, perfect to wear around home or outdoors.

Plus, they're super cosy for those chill mornings and evenings at the very start of spring. 

brown suede slippers
brown sheepskin slippers
suede slippers

#3. Bella & Gigi Hadid

Hadid sisters wearing fluffy slides


The queens of the modelling world, Bella and Gigi Hadid, can even be spotted around town in their bright, fluffy slides. Matched with a relaxed pair of jeans and a stylish jacket, fluffy slides blend seamlessly into their outfits. 

You can create this look with our Puffy Slide or Poppin Slides.

Add a new level of fluffiness and height to your outfit with our Australian Shepherd slides. With a durable, non-slip, shock absorbing platform sole and soft wool design, you will be the envy of all when you step out in these statement slides. 

colourful fluffy slides
pink fluffy slides
fluffy slides for spring
black fluffy slides


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