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Happy Women’s Day

Posted on by UGG Express

While it's essential to honour and value the women in our lives daily, International Women's Day offers a dedicated moment to spotlight the remarkable achievements of women worldwide. It provides us with a unique opportunity to recognize and celebrate the contributions of inspiring women across all walks of life.

Tell us a little bit about your role at UGG Express, what do you do?

I started at UGG Express as a production manager in our Sydney factory five years ago. My role involves operating key machinery for UGG boot production, including the fur, flat sole, and binding machines.

A significant part of my duties is conducting thorough quality inspections at each production stage to ensure our UGG boots meet our high-quality standards. I'm committed to maintaining excellence in our products, working closely with our team to optimize production processes and uphold the quality and comfort UGG Express is known for.


What’s your International Women’s Day message?

The 8th of March will be International Women’s Day, a day celebrate all over the world, around the world, by everyone. This is good, except that from my personal point of view, women should be celebrated all 365 days.

Considering the importance they have in society, the place the occupy at the center of the family, in the community, in society, and at the international level. So I invite everyone to celebrate women all 365 days.


Share a women’s empowerment moment that inspired you.

2022 was the first year I saw women play soccer in a stadium as big as I’ve seen men play. It was so incredible to see live, with women coming together to watch this thrilling soccer match.

It was such a great moment for women and for women’s empowerment going forward, and I can’t wait to keep going to games and seeing women play in huge stadiums that sell out.


If you pick a favourite Ugg Express product, what would you choose?

I'm going for the EVERAU Grier loafer, especially in brown. It looks great and feels comfy, making it perfect for any woman who wants to spoil herself a little on a special day. This loafer is all about looking good without feeling tight or uncomfortable. It’s easy to match with different outfits, too.

It’s designed to let you stay stylish in a relaxed way. So, for anyone looking to treat themselves, this shoe offers the best of both worlds: it’s super comfy and really classy.

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