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How sheepskin can keep you cool this summer

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop

With summer in full swing, we usually reach for linen and thin cotton clothing in styles that allows our skin to breathe and keep cool in the hot weather. Sheepskin may be the last material you reach for during the warmer months, however it is in fact a fantastic fabric for keeping cool.

In this post we explain exactly how sheepskin can keep you cool this summer, proving that wearing your ugg boots and keeping your sheepskin car seat covers on are actually a good idea.

Sheepskin has temperature-regulating properties. These properties come from the hollow fibres in the fleece of pure natural sheepskin, which allows the material to breathe. This breathability means that when the sheepskin and fleece touches human skin, it regulates our body to a steady temperature.

In cold conditions it keeps us warm, and in hot conditions it keeps us cool. In the warmth, the sheepskin absorbs sweat and wicks it away much quicker than synthetic fabrics. While the sheepskin absorbs the moisture, it manages to maintain a dry surface, meaning we stay cool and dry.

Fortunately, these temperature-regulating properties mean you can keep wearing your slippers, ugg boots and fleece-lined moccasins through summer without overheating – hooray!

These properties also enable you to keep babies and young children cool in these hot temperatures. Buggy and baby car seat liners, using rugs as play mats, and baby ugg boots will all help to keep your little ones cool and happy.

Our car seat covers will also ensure you won’t be sitting on a hot seat if your car is left in the sunshine all day. The covers will keep you cool and comfortable, while also protecting the upholstery from fading or being scratched.

While sheepskin has these amazing properties, in order to keep your products feeling and looking fresh, we suggest airing your ugg boots, rugs and car seats when possible.

Sheepskin is bacteria and dirt resistance thanks to the lanolin, which is naturally occurring oil, which provides the material with self-cleaning properties when aired.

We hope you found this blog post helpful, and if you ever thought buying sheepskin products during summer was a bad idea, we hope this insight has proven that sheepskin is always a good idea – no matter the temperature!