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3 ways to avoid isolation foot injuries with Ugg Express

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop

In recent weeks, Australian podiatrists have flagged a rise in foot injuries as a result of working from home and workers aiming to be as comfy and cosy as possible throughout the workday. 

The main culprit: the Aussie population's overwhelming love of ugg boots.

At Ugg Express, we love a nice, warm pair of ugg boots or slippers in winter... but we also understand that if ugg boots are worn for a long period of time, the foot and ankle support can be worn down.

In the end, they may not be the best option for everyday wear. 

However, steps can be taken to maintain the supportiveness of your ugg boots. In this blog, we share some options for those looking for more support from their boots, as well as how to wear your favourite ugg boots and slippers for success.

Read on!

#1. Keep them looking good as new

It is always tempting to pull your ugg boots on in a rush or continue to wear them once the sides have collapsed after a number of years of being worn.

Although you do not need to get rid of your shoes once they have reached this point, it is also not wise to wear them every day when the support has softened.

If you are interested in wearing your ugg boots a little more regularly, opt for a design with a higher ankle and try styles that use zippers and buttons to help maintain their shape. For example, the Ugg Express Short Button Ugg Boots or Australian Shepherd Short Zipper Ugg Boots, or if you would like some extra protection around the soles of your feet, you can also try our Everugg Dawn Ugg Boots featuring the support of a sneaker and the cosiness of an ugg boot.

women walking on road in ugg boots

#2. Limit your time in slippers

We love a warm pair of slippers as much as the next person – just take a look at our huge range!

However, we do understand slippers are not for wearing every minute of every day – especially if you already have issues with your feet.

To achieve the best possible result from your slippers, try to wear them out of work hours as a treat for getting through the day. This limits the amount of time you are wearing them during the day and will also help get you through your work knowing they are waiting for you when you are done.

It may also be a good idea to choose styles that have thick, durable sole to ensure you are getting support from your slippers.

Try out our Australian Shepherd Mallow SlippersMuffin Scuffs, or Australian Made Wool Collar Scuffs.

wool collar scuffs

#3. Swap out your ugg boots and slippers for a cosy pair of sneakers

While a pair of sneakers may not sound as appealing as your ugg boots, we can guarantee you will be just as snug in our range!

Sit in your home office or run errands in a pair of our Everugg Men’s Dave Sneakers. Not only will these be a fantastic pair of everyday shoes during isolation and beyond, but they are also lined with Australian sheepskin and have a durable rubber sole.

mens dave sneakers from ever ugg

For the ladies, our Australian Shepherd Rimmy Sneakers are definitely a winner!

With a gorgeous suede exterior and soft Australian sheepskin lining and insoles, these sneakers will keep you toasty as you work the day away.

australian shepherd rimmy sneakers

Get cosy while working from home with our range of ugg boots, sneakers, and more. Shop the collection online!

If you have any concerns about your feet or related injuries and wearing ugg boots or slippers, it is always best to get professional advice.