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Posted on by UGG Express

Chunky sneakers have been making waves in the world of fashion for a few years now, and they show no signs of slowing down. Ugg Express has a wide selection of chunky sneakers which are guaranteed to bring out your inner cool girl next time you leave the house.

We have rounded up the chunky sneakers to pair with your favourite spring clothing items.


 Pop on a pair of the EVERAU Bombo Chunky Sneakers for a mixed style that will gain plenty of attention and is an excellent way to create a unique statement look. Whether it's a denim maxi, linen blend or even a mini cargo skirt, chunky sneakers will add an unexpected twist to your outfit.





Bike Shorts

For a more laid-back and sporty appearance, try pairing the Tarramarra Carter Chunky sneakers with your favourite bike shorts. Whether or not you are on your way to Pilates or the gym, it is a cool combination that exudes style effortlessly. Not to mention they provide exceptional support thanks to the extra cushioning included in the shoe!

Long Pants
Pair the EVERAU Ellis Chunky Sneakers with some long pants and you have a match made in fashion heaven. Consider opting for long-suit pants for a vintage and cool look that's bound to make a statement. Available in three neutral colours, white, black and brown - every outfit will be covered.

Tracksuit Sets

Chasing the cosy core trend? Slide on the EVERAU Como Chunky Sneakers with your favourite tracksuit set and watch as you turn heads the minute you leave the house. Plus, if you needed any more convincing, this style was spotted on the runway during Gary Bigeni’s show at AAFW this year.


The chunky sneakers can complement any look you desire, and we have more shoes with this style for you to choose from. Come and take a look!

Tarramarra Windy Chunky sneakers, EVERAU Panda Chunky sneakers and Tarramarra Cloud Chunky sneakers

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