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Matchy Matchy: 5 matching ugg boot styles you can wear with your kids!

Posted on by Jason Su

“Mummy, can I wear your shoes?” 

It’s a familiar question and quite often, it’s not even asked before they steal your shoes and start walking around in the house!

However, it's always fun to think about how your child is basically a copy of you or your partner - and even more fun dressing up your son or daughter in a similar style to your own.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide of our top 5 "matchy-matchy" ugg boot styles, all available in both kids and adult sizes so you can take "twinning" to the next level!

#1. Rosa Slippers

brown sheepskin slippers

Our incredibly fluffy Rosa Slippers are made with 100% Australian sheepskin and boast a soft suede exterior - perfect for a chill day at home! This style is available for both adults and kids so you can have your little "Mini Me" running around at home – with the ultimate comfort on their feet!

#2. Mini Button Boots

mini pink ugg boots

You’ve probably seen it a hundred times - your kids slipping their tiny feet into your massive ugg boots and walking around the house. While it’s extremely adorable, the cries that follow after you take them off are not as fun...

So, why not just get them their own pair of ugg boots? Our Australian Shepherd Ladies Mini Button Ugg Boots feature a plush wool insole and exposed fur, and they're also available in miniature sizes!

#3. Mallow Slippers

fluffy pink sheepskin slippers

Our Australian Shepherd Mallow Slippers and Ever UGG’s Mallow Kids Slippers are made with premium sheepskin, which has temperature-regulating properties and keeps moisture away from your feet.

Sheepskin also has dirt and bacteria resisting properties – so come rain or shine, staying indoors or outdoors, your feet and your kid's feet will be cradled in ultimate comfort.

#4.Classic Boots

kids sheepskin ugg boots

Every adult and child needs a classic pair of ugg boots!

Available in two timeless shades, our Australian Shepherd Kids Mini Classic Ugg Boots and Australian Shepherd Mini Classic Suede Ugg Boots both boast a cosy interior created with premium Australian Sheepskin, a durable design and a tab on the ankle to assist in pulling on the boots. 

#5. Ugg Boots Back Bow

Want to twin it with your son or daughter in a pair of slightly more eye-catching ugg boots? 

Our Australian Shepherd UGG Mini Boots with Back Bow are available in both children an adult version! The adult version has both single back bow and double back bows. They’re made from an A-grade Australian sheepskin and have a lightweight rubber sole, making them the most comfortable everyday footwear.

Shop more matchy-matchy styles on sale from our matching uggs collection now!