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Uggs for men: 4 ways to rock uggs this winter

Posted on by Jason Su

Uggs for men – Australia says yes.

With so many different ugg boots on the market, where do you start? How do you choose the right pair for you, and how do you style them? 

We’re going to tell you five ways you can rock ugg boots this winter. Read on.

Laces aren’t just for the ladies, check out our men's laced uggs

Over the past few decades, females have heavily dominated the ugg market but move over ladies – the gents also want a taste of the ugg boot life.

Yep, we’re talking about laced uggs.

Laced ugg boots are perfect for all kinds of events. Shopping, a lazy day around the house, or a weekend road trip away with the boys  all perfect opportunities to whip out those toasty-warm shoes.

Wear them with a pair of comfy jeans and a warm jacket and you’re good to go!

lace up ugg boots for men

Source: Pinterest

Love the look?

Want to look like the trendy guy wearing uggs in the photo above?

You can.

Check out our Justin Mens Mini BootsThe inner part of the shoe is made from Australian Sheepskin whereas the upper part is Suede - perfect for wearing outdoors (while keeping your feet nice and snug).

Feel like a celebrity in men's short ugg boots

Boys, do you want to feel like Pharrell Williams for a day?

If the answer is yes then grab yourself a pair of short ugg boots asap.

Short ugg boots are perfect for winter. You can easily pair them with ripped jeans, a grey cardi and a beanie.

What do you get?

A hip, sleek, young look.

You’ll look so cool that even your mates will want to get in on the trend.

pharrell williams wearing ugg boots

Source: Pinterest

Love the look?

If you’re after current trend then short uggs are perfect. Simply slip them on and off you go.

At Ugg Express, we recommend the Short Classic Ugg. They come in a variety of colours including chestnut, chocolate, grey and black.

The Short Classic Ugg is so trendy that even your partner will want a pair!

short ugg boots for men


Can't find your size? Don's worry! We have larger size men's mini boots and short boots here for you. 


mini ugg boots for men


short ugg boot style

The ‘I rock these tall ugg boots’ look

If you’re feeling brave then we highly suggest rocking a pair of tall ugg boots. 

Pair tall uggs with your largest oversize jacket and hit the streets (or your backyard) with no care in the world.


man modelling tall ugg boots

Source: Pinterest

Love the look?

Want to feel like a model on the runway. Everyone dreaming to be able to feel as cool as you do? You can. Slip on a pair of our Tall Classic Ugg Boots with your comfiest jacket – the bigger the better.

tall ugg boots for men

When you have to work from home, wear men's slipper uggs

When working from home becomes a new norm, it is important to have a super comfy and snuggly ugg slippers at home. 


businessman in ugg boots


Love the look?

Our sheepskin slippers are perfect to wear around the home and are super cosy and warm for those winter evenings and frosty mornings.

Wear them with literally anything. You can’t go wrong.

stylish mens ugg boots
men's ugg boots for home

ugg boots

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