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4 reasons why we use premium Australian Sheepskin

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop

Here at Ugg Express, all of our ugg products - from our cosy ugg boots to our rugs - are made with premium Australian sheepskin.


Because we want our customers to have the best quality sheepskin to keep them warm in winter and cool in summer.

We love Australian sheepskin at Ugg Express - and here are just a few reasons why!

#1. Australian sheepskin has naturally occurring insulation

With temperature-regulating properties, Australian sheepskin is able to maintain a stable temperature for your body regardless of the weather outside – in cooler weather, it will keep you warm and in summer, it will help keep you cool.

This is helped by the breathability of Australian sheepskin which comes from the hollow fibres in the fleece – how great is that?

#2. It has moisture-wicking abilities

Australian sheepskin can absorb sweat faster than synthetic fabrics to ensure you stay dry while wearing our products. Did you know that sheepskin can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water without feeling wet?

#3. Australian sheepskin is easy to look after

Australian sheepskin naturally contains lanolin which has self-cleaning properties, resisting dirt and bacteria.

It is recommended that you let your ugg products air out regularly to avoid any smell and every few months it is worth giving them a quick clean with ugg specific products such as our care kit – that is all you need to do!

#4. We care about the sheep we get our wool from

When you purchase products made from genuine Australian sheepskin, you are supporting an industry regulated to the highest standards of animal welfare throughout the entire process.

This is very important to us as not all countries uphold these high standards for their own animal treatment.

Make sure to browse through our wide range of Australian sheepskin products from homewares and toys to children’s uggs and shoes for adults.