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4 chic outfits to wear with your fluffy slippers

Posted on by Jason Su

Fluffy slippers are walking out of the bedroom and onto the streets.

They're one of the most head turning trends of 2021 and it looks like they're not going anywhere — so, we've put together four stylish outfits to help you nail this trend on your first try!

Outfit #1: The slip dress & trench coat combo

model wearing brown fluffy slides

Pair your fluffy slides with the classic slip dress and trench coat combo! It looks super chic while maintaining comfort throughout the day.

You can achieve this look with our gorgeous Myla Slides.

myla slides

Outfit #2: Lovely in loungewear 

fluffy slides for home

The loungewear trend is not going anywhere anytime soon — and it's the perfect way to style your fluffy slippers!

Get this look with our Linty Slides or Leanna Slides.

linty fluffy slides
leanna fluffy slides


Outfit #3: Divine in double denim

bella hadid fluffy slides

Take double denim to a cosier level with a pair of fluffy slides.

We love how Bella Hadid has matched her tee to her slides!

Create this look with our extra cute Poppin Slides.

poppin slides

Outfit #4: The iconic tee & jeans

fluffy slides with jeans

You can’t go wrong with the timeless tee and jeans duo.

Get this look with our Nala Slides.

nala slides

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