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4 ways to care for your sheepskin rug this winter

Posted on by Jason Su

The unique fibre structure of sheepskin gives it a natural durability and robustness. It even repels dirt!

Even so, a little care and attention will go a long way!

Here are a few things to remember about wool.

#1. Avoid direct contact with sunlight 

grey sheepskin rug under a table


Exposure to direct sunlight will damage the natural fibres of the sheepskin.

#2.Vacuum and brush rugs regularly

brushing a sheepskin rug


Regular vacuuming with a plain suction vacuum cleaner will help to maintain wool fibres.

Brushing is effective on long wool products. After washing, the wool fibres will likely revert back to their natural curly state.

Brushing with a wire wool comb will help restore the fluffy appearance of your sheepskin.

#3. Treat stains as fast as possible

To avoid permanent damage, accidental spills and stains should be dealt with immediately.

Before using any stain treatment, make sure you have “contained the stain”. This will stop it spreading further.

You can contain the stain by botting liquid stains immediately with a cotton or paper towel and scooping up solids immediately after staining.

When cleaning your sheepskin, remember to treat it kindly. Do not rub wet wool ever! And do not drown the wool in liquid as this can result in water stains.

We recommend using our care kit when you need to remove stains and clean your sheepskin. 

#4. Do not store your sheepskin rug in damp or wet conditions

white sheepskin rug draped over chair


Wet and damp conditions can lead to the deterioration of the natural leather pelt.

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fluffy sheepskin rug