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5 unique baby shower gift ideas to surprise the mum-to-be

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop

Whether there has been a COVID baby boom or not, it sure does feel like there are lots of new babies around... which means there are going to be lots of baby showers to go to!

Shopping for a baby shower can be as tough as it is fun. If it's your first baby shower, you might be gearing up for a big baby shop-a-thon. Alternatively, if you're shopping for the mum who has it all, you might be struggling to come up with ideas instead.

In case you have a friend or family member who's nearly ready to pop and you're wondering what to buy for a baby shower, we thought we'd put together some of our most unique baby shower gift ideas to surprise the parents-to-be!

Baby shower gift idea #1: Our adorable little Erin Booties

These miniature ugg boots might be the cutest shoes you'll ever see on a new born baby! Packed with super fluffy sheep's wool and heat regulating so the bub will always be comfortable, the parents-to-be will love these cosy little boots for their new son or daughter.

Hot Tip: if you're unsure what size to get, go for a larger size so the baby can grow into them and get more wear out of them. 

baby sized ugg boots

Baby shower gift idea #2: A fluffy sheepskin rug

New born babies spend lots of time on their tummy and back, which means they need the comfort of a soft sheepskin rug.

Available in a wide range of shapes, colours and sizes, our sheepskin rugs are perfect for tummy time and nursing the bub on mum's lap.  

australian sheepskin rug baby shower idea 
decorative sheepskin rug

Baby shower gift idea #3: A stuffed toy for the little one to cherish for years to come

We all have a stuffed toy from our childhood hiding somewhere at home. A stuffed teddy can provide years of comfort, fun, and joy, so why not add to the bub's growing fluffy toy collection?

For a unique twist on the traditional teddy bear, consider opting for a cute kangaroo or bunny made from soft Australian sheepskin for the incoming baby. 


stuffed kangaroo toy for baby shower



stuffed rabbit for baby shower


Baby shower gift idea #4: A comfy lambskin stroller liner

A soft, cosy stroller liner can help parents to soothe and comfort their baby while travelling. Our stroller liners are made from super soft lambskin, so the baby can rest easy on an all-natural cushioned surface. 


Available in multiple colours, our lambskin stroller liners can be matched to the baby's new stroller, or add a splash of colour to a neutral coloured stroller!


lambskin stroller liner


Baby shower gift idea #5: Something soothing for the new parents

Quite often, baby showers are focused on presents for the baby only... but what about the parents bringing the little bundle of joy into the world? They deserve treats, too! 

If you're on the hunt for unique baby shower gifts, be sure not to forget the parents-to-be. We have plenty of unisex ugg boot and slipper styles available, so you can get them a matching pair to wear at the hospital and at home, whether they're hanging out or nursing the new baby.

comfortable slippers for baby shower

slippers for baby shower
sheepskin slippers
fluffy ugg boots


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