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Ugg boot fashion: 4 stylish ways to match your uggs to your outfit

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop

Let's start off with the basic rule of ugg boot fashion... no baggy pants!

Ugg boot fashion is iconic because it adds a chill and casual vibe to your outfit. While that's still very true, there's so much more you can do to up your ugg boot fashion game!

It's tempting to wear comfy baggy pants with your ugg boots, but our best piece of advice is to match your uggs with a pair of flattering skinny jeans or go bare legged instead. 

Uggs provide all the bagginess you need for your outfit already - so why not show off a little with hip hugging threads? 

Need some inspiration for your ugg outfit? We've collected some ugg fashion inspiration and tips from celebs and influencers, so you can see how to wear your cosy ugg boots and still look super chic. Read on!

Ugg fashion tip #1: Rock some leggings and a loose, cosy hoodie 

mini ugg boots

Rather than opting for loose fitting tracksuit pants, style your short mini ugg boots with a pair of leggings and a patterned hoodie.

Be sure to check out our Classic Terry Mini Ugg Boots - perfect for men and women alike. Available in chestnut and black, these boots are neutral, short, and stylish enough to wear out and about.

Ugg fashion tip #2: Match your uggs with jeans and an oversized sweater

If leggings aren't really you style, you can take a page out of Jacqueline Mikuta's book and wear short ugg boots with a pair of distressed jeans and an oversized knit sweater.

This look is iconic for autumn and winter when the temperature starts to dip. Matched with a fashionable black hat or beanie, you'll look casual and comfy with a high "ugg fashion" twist.

Shop our Short Classic Ugg Boots in grey, chestnut, chocolate, or black. We recommend the grey uggs for a chic winter look. 

Ugg fashion tip #3: Cool off with a mini skirt (or shorts) and a stylish jacket

short ugg boots

Who said you couldn't wear uggs in summer?

Mini ugg boots will keep your ankles and calves cool in the warmer weather, so be sure to rock them with a little black skirt or mini shorts like Joan Smalls.

For a relaxed vibe, add an oversized jacket. If the weather suddenly cools off, you'll be cosy warm in an instant - plus, you'll look extra fashionable, too. Check out our AS Unisex Mini Classic UGG Boots. We have plenty of colours and styles available to match your ugg outfit. 

Ugg fashion tip #4: Match a flattering midi dress and a long cardigan with your uggs

tall black ugg boots

If a slinky dress is more your style, style long ugg boots with a midi dress and a matching cardigan. This look is perfect for hanging out at home and heading down to the coffee shop with friends. It's cute, casual, and 100% cosy.

Our Premium Double Face Ugg Boots are extra tall for warmth, plus they're water resistant so you can wear them in all kinds of weather.

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