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How to clean white fluffy slides in 3 simple steps

Posted on by Jason Su

white fluffy slides

White fluffy slides are the flavour of the autumn/winter fashion season. Even the top celebs are rocking them on the streets, so naturally you've picked up a pair to join in on the fun!

If you have a favourite pair of white fluffy slides and you wear them all the time, they might be starting to look a little less than vibrant. It happens to the best of us - one day they're fresh and beautiful, the next you've got a stain and you don't know what to do.

The good thing is, we know exactly how to clean white fur slides. In this blog, we share our three top tips (and our care kit products) to help refresh your white furry slides.

Step #1: Cleaning Spray & Detergent



The first step is to use our Cleaning Spray & Detergent to clean your white fluffy slides and protect them from mould and mildew. Made from all natural ingredients, our Cleaning Spray & Detergent will ensure your slides stay fluffy and bright.

Step #2: Multipurpose Foam Cleaning Sponge

foam cleaning sponge


The next step is to use our Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaning Sponge in the cleaning kit to help you remove stains quickly in between cleaning.

Make sure you brush the slides in the same direction for the best result. If you prefer a brush, we also have our Multi-Purpose Clean and Care Brush.

Step #3: Water & Oil Repellent 


water and oil repellent



Our Water & Oil Repellent will protect your shoes from the nasties of the outside world. Spray until your slides look wet but are not soaked and then leave to dry in a ventilated area.

Plus, for a little extra protection, give them a quick spray before leaving the house every now and then. This will help maintain this barrier of defense and help keep your slides protected from the nasties of the world. 

Check out our Clean & Care collection today, or click here for more tips to take care of your ugg boots!

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