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Our back to school essentials: 2 kids school shoe styles your kids will love

Posted on by Jason Su
The summer holidays are almost over and we can practically hear the collective sigh of Aussie parents over the bittersweet moment the kids head back into the classroom.
Now, it’s time to start thinking about those back to school essentials!
Running around the playground is a right of passage for kids, so to make sure they’re getting the correct support we have to start with shoes. In this blog, we share some of our favourite kids school shoes and styles to ensure your kids feel comfy and trendy all year long.

#1. Easy-peasy Velcro shoes for school - so your little ones can lace them up all-by-themselves

velco shoes for school

Our cute Chris Kids Leather School Shoes have a removable insole and easy to fasten Velcro straps to make popping their shoes on super easy for your little one. These Velcro shoes for school  are perfect for keeping your kids comfy all day as they run and play.
If your child has worn out the soles and scuffed up their old school shoes, you may want to try our sturdy and supportive Ava Kids Leather School Shoes.
With a durable leather design for all day wear, these shoes are great for the school year and will be comfortable for little feet. Making life easier for both parents and kids, this design comes with easy to fasten Velcro straps.

#2. Comfy kids school shoes for PE and hanging out during recess

kids school shoes tom and jerry style

Let’s not forget about sports days and PE lessons! Keep the kids looking stylish -  even in their uniforms - with the Tom & Jerry Chunky Sneaker Robyn.

Our Tom & Jerry kids school shoes are available in white, grey and black. Featuring Tom & Jerry cartoons while offering support and adding casual style to any outfit.        

velcro school shoes in white


Our Tom & Jerry kids school shoes collection will also come in handy when those mufti days roll around. Try our Tom and Jerry Sneakers Kiddie or High Top Canvas Sneakers for a cool yet casual look that doesn’t compromise on comfort. 

Now that you’re sorted for kids school shoes, you’re ready to make a tremendously long list full of stationary, new books, contact to cover those books etc.

Good luck parents!

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Feature Image: Pexels