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Take your favourite characters with you wherever you go - discover our Tom and Jerry Clothes x Taramarra Collection

It’s the world’s favourite cat and mouse pair since the 1940s… Tom and Jerry! The key players in an Academy Award winning collection of short animated films, Tom and Jerry have made an impression on the world for more than 80 years - Tom for his pampered life as a house cat and Jerry for his quick wit as a speedy little mouse. Everyone knows and loves Tom and Jerry, which is why we’ve collaborated with the creators of Tom and Jerry for our latest collection! The Tom and Jerry Clothes x Taramarra Collection features a wide range of Tom and Jerry themed products including sneakers, ugg boots, slippers, apparel, and even scarves for cooler days outdoors. Add some fun and mischief to your outfit. Shop our Tom and Jerry Clothes Collection online now!

Tom and Jerry Hoodies, comfy sneakers, and so much more

If you’re like Jerry and you’re always on the run, you’re going to need a comfortable pair of sneakers to get around - and fast. We have multiple Tom and Jerry style sneakers to choose from including the ever popular Tom and Jerry High Top Canvas Sneakers and the Tom and Jerry Chunky Robyn Sneaker. The High Top Canvas Sneakers are ideal for those looking to add a classic element to their outfit. Worn with skinny jeans and a matching Tom and Jerry hoodie, it’s impossible not to look cute and cosy. The Chunky Robyn Sneaker, however, is perfect for those who have places to be. With a thick rubber sole, these sneakers give you some extra bounce and support as you run around like little Jerry. We also have an extensive range of Tom and Jerry clothes to choose from including the Tom and Jerry Long Sleeve Hoodie Top, Tom and Jerry Embroidered Jeans, and Classic Tom and Jerry T-Shirts.

Shop the Tom and Jerry Clothes x Taramarra Collection online now!

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