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Matching coloured ugg boots to your outfit

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop

There’s nothing comfier than rocking your favourite pair of uggs and getting your day underway. Your tootsies can stay toasty no matter what is on the agenda.

But how much thought have you given to optimising your ugg outfit? How do you tie in a pair coloured ugg boots and pull it off?

Full disclosure here: If it’s a not-leaving-the-house kind of day, then we 100% support staying in your oldest, comfiest and daggiest trackies!


If you intend on braving the big wide world, you need a plan of attack for matching up those ugg boots with some serious style on top.

We are going to look at a few colour combinations that you can’t go past, as well as some simple but stylish outfit ideas to get you out the door and inspiring awe!

Matching Colours 101

Did you know that colour is actually a powerful tool in marketing and branding? Colour is often used to evoke specific emotions or enhance perception and impression. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some basic colour theory to inform our next outfit choice and see where our coloured ugg boots fit in.

Ugg Colour Combination 1 

Let’s say you have a classic chestnut ugg in mind. Using the Triadic approach, you can identify a light blue and bright red combination to complement your uggs.
  • Feet - Sandy/beige/light brown uggs
  • Bottom half - Light blue jeans
  • Top half - Bright red jumper, hoodie or top

What this colour combination says about you:

With bright red as your standout colour, you will be the epitome of power, leadership and courage. People tend to associate sky blue as being non-threatening, helpful and peaceful. The beige combines the warmth of orange with the happiness of yellow, to give your overall look a nice balance of strength and softness. Not bad for a few old favourites from the wardrobe.  

Ugg Colour Combination 2

Let’s start with a navy blue ugg boot and take the split-complementary angle. That means we are going to want a splash of orange and yellow in there.  

  • Feet - Navy blue uggs
  • Bottom half - Dark jeans, leggings or trousers for men
  • Top half - A neutral top, plain white will be perfect. Then use the brighter colours sparingly in your accessories, like an orange scarf and a yellow beanie to top it off.

  • What this colour combination says about you:

    Dark blues are the voice of reason, conservatism and responsibility. Despite your newfound maturity, the hits of orange and yellow suggest playfulness, creativity and warmth. Perfect for the start of spring!

    Ugg Colour Combination 3 

    A classic black ugg boot sets the mood for the depths of winter. Whilst black doesn’t appear in the traditional colour matching wheel, it’s a safe bet to team it up with other analogous colours for a monochromatic edge.

    • Feet - Black uggs
    • Bottom half - Grey jeans or jogger pants
    • Top Half - A white knitted sweater

    What this colour combination says about you:

    Black is the height of sophistication and mystery and white is the symbol of peace and innocence. We don’t need to tell you how easy on the eye the old B&W combo is in any outfit. Having a solid grey in between helps to mediate and transition between the two extremes. Grey is also often described as conventional and practical.

    So there we have it. A little bit of exploration into the world of colour, psychology, fashion and ugg boots has uncovered some pretty fascinating insights into the way people see our outfits.

    Above all be creative, be adventurous and remember to always embrace the ugg!

    Got any questions about the UGG Express range of ugg boots, scuffs and slippers? Contact us at support@uggexpress.com.au and one of our team will be happy to help.