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  • 3 alternatives to washing your ugg boots in the washing machine

    You’ve probably had your ugg boots for a few months (or years) now. You’ve been wearing them non-stop - to the shops, to your friend’s place on a rainy day, even for a sneaky Maccas run in the middle of the night. Your ugg boots have seen right by your stride at every comfortable moment of your life. But while you love them...
  • The 8 dos and don’ts of maintaining your ugg boots

      There’s nothing better than a brand new pair of ugg boots to break in at the start of a chilly winter. The stitching is still neat, tight and tidy. There’s not a spot of dirt to be seen and the suede outer layer is smooth, unscuffed and proud. Then there’s the wool. Oh, that new ugg boot wool… You know that feeling...