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The 8 dos and don’ts of maintaining your ugg boots

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop


There’s nothing better than a brand new pair of ugg boots to break in at the start of a chilly winter.

The stitching is still neat, tight and tidy.

There’s not a spot of dirt to be seen and the suede outer layer is smooth, unscuffed and proud.

Then there’s the wool.

Oh, that new ugg boot wool…

You know that feeling the first time you slip your feet into a new, snuggly set of uggs.

It feels like wearing clouds on your feet.

Getting a new pair of ugg boots is a heavenly treat. But it doesn’t take long for uggs to start showing signs of wear - and without proper, regular maintenance they can go downhill in appearance fast.

You don’t want to be that slouch seen around town wearing limp, dirty ugg boots with watery stains and floppy soles.

It’s really not so hard to keep your uggs looking sparkly, clean and worthy of a proud wear down the main street of town.

We consider ourselves experts when it comes to Australian sheepskin boot maintenance. We know exactly how to keep your uggs looking spick and span.

Check out our eight simple dos and don’ts for maintaining your ugg boots and you’ll keep your shoes looking good as new.

#1 DON’T wash your ugg boots in the washing machine

Just don’t run the risk.

There’s a lot of debate about whether or not to clean your ugg boots in the washing machine. Some ugg enthusiasts believe it’s possible for their boots to survive a machine wash, but we do not recommend it.

Excessive moisture is almost guaranteed to damage your ugg boots.

Never soak or machine wash them - they’ll end up with patchy water stains and the soles could tear away from the boots.

Your precious, worn in uggs are not worth the risk of a soggy, machine-beaten mess.


#2 DO dry your ugg boots in direct sunlight

Sometimes you can’t avoid getting your boots wet.

You can’t always predict the weather and there are going to be times you get caught in the rain.

Hang your boots on the washing line and let them dry naturally in direct sunlight.

NEVER put them in a dryer, but as an alternative, you can use a hair dryer or heater to speed up the process.

Read our 4 simple tips for looking after your ugg boots to learn more about cleaning your uggs, keeping them dry, and removing nasty smells.

#3 DON’T pull on loose threads

Have you ever pulled a thread on a woollen jumper?

This can start a chain reaction of destruction, leading to the inevitable disaster of your precious garment in a tragic ruin of deconstructed fabric.

The same rules apply to your ugg boots.

Avoid pulling loose threads.

You can cause the seams to split or gradually wear undone over time and soon your boots will be falling apart.

#4 DO cut threads with scissors

Take the extra effort to grab some scissors and snip any loose threads on your uggs. You’ll save yourself the cost of a brand new pair.

Scissors are the safest way to maintain your ugg boots - but make sure you go carefully.

Slicing through a seam can be just as damaging as pulling a thread.

#5 DON’T use chemicals or bleach to clean your boots

Never use harsh chemicals like bleach, peroxide or chlorine to clean your boots.

These chemicals are harmful to materials like sheepskin, suede or vegan “faux” suede and will cause patchy discolouration.

If you do happen to accidentally drop or splash chemicals onto your boots, rinse them with water straight away, wash with specialty Ugg Clean and Care Kit to make sure you keep your shoes free of any lasting stains and let them dry in the sun for a few hours.

You might still be able to save them.

Remember - don’t put your uggs in the washing machine, no matter how bad the stain!

The Ugg Boots Clean and Care Kit is specifically designed to maintain your boot fabric while eradicating stains.

#6 DO wash with ugg boot approved Clean and Care Kit

Keeping your ugg boots fresh is simple with ugg boot approved cleaning products.

Ugg Clean and Care Kit is free of harsh, damaging chemicals, instead using a special blend of natural tea tree oil to clean sheepskin boots and protect against mould and mildew.

#7 DON’T cook wearing your ugg boots

Cooking almost always causes a clothing and footwear hazard and often a major boot-staining mess. Sauce bubbles out of pots, vegetables are dropped on the floor and oil spits and flies from the frying pan at all sorts of nasty angles.

This is a genuine nightmare for the safety of your ugg boots.

Home improvement website Hunker offers a few ideas on how to remove vegetable oil stains from ugg boots but the best way is to avoid cooking in ugg boots altogether.

Make a mess of the kitchen - not your boots.

#8 DO treat your boots with oil & water repellent spray

You should treat your ugg boots with Ugg Clean and Care Kit on day one straight after delivery.

The repellent spray provides maximum protection against water stains and oil marks while using soil release technology to keep your ugg boots cleaner for longer.

Get your boots some insurance and future-proof your uggs with the repellent.

Have we inspired you to take better care of your uggs? Shop our range of care and maintenance products to keep your boots looking fresh!

Feature Image: Pexels