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Ugg boots and sheep: what you need to know

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop

Understanding more about the products and services we choose in our daily lives is an important part of being an informed consumer. This is particularly important when any animal products are being used. Unfortunately, the ugg boot industry has had its fair share of negative publicity based on claims of the mistreatment of animals from unethical suppliers and questionable ugg boot production methods.

All materials used in the creation of every UggExpress product are made from quality Australian sheepskin which meets the standards of Australian manufacturing and processing.

Where does sheepskin come from

Sheepskin in Australia is considered a by-product of the meat industry and sheep are not specifically grown for their skin. This means the materials used in our products are maximising utility and adhering to all relevant legislation and requirements.

Why you shouldn’t trust sheep and ugg boot products sourced from foreign countries

When you purchase a sheepskin product where the materials are foreign, it is difficult to tell whether acceptable animal rights practices are in place. Unfortunately, some countries may not adhere to cruelty-free practice 100% of the time in farming. This makes buying Australian wool and sheepskin much more reassuring.

Spotting a fake ugg boot

Selling poorly manufactured fake sheepskin products is misleading and deceptive, especially when they are sold at premium prices. Don’t be fooled into buying an inferior product - it’s easy to spot a knock-off when you know what to look for.

Here are a couple of giveaways:

  • Run your hands through the lining - sheepskin is sturdy and won’t pull apart or break off with extensive contact
  • Examine the finishings, including stitching for quality
  • The exterior should be a consistent colour across the entire boot


By remaining informed and understanding more about the production process, you can be sure you make the right choice. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the UggExpress team - support@uggexpress.com.au

Image source: Pexels