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Wear Your Uggs Day: Proudly supporting the Black Dog Institute

Posted on by Jason Su

Wear Your UGGs Day

As life in Australia is returning to a new kind of normal and the significant mental health impacts of the pandemic becomes clearer, we all can use a bit of comfort and relaxation in our everyday lives.

With this in mind, we've launched the very first Wear Your Uggs Day, proudly supporting the Black Dog Institute!

On the 1st of June, we encourage people around the country to wear their ugg boots at work, school, or at the home office to create a feeling of relaxation after a year that definitely has been quite the opposite.

brown suede ugg boots


Since the beginning of the pandemic, the mental health organisation the Black Dog Institute has seen a heightened state of anxiety and a struggle to manage the uncertainty surrounding the possible spread and impact of COVID-19.

Three quarters of Australians claimed their mental health worsened due to the pandemic and more than 80% of those also said they felt very uncertain about the future.

We know that the last year has been tougher than most and we wanted to support an organisation that we truly care about.

We are so excited to announce that for the month of May until Wear Your Uggs Day on the 1st of June, 10% of the sales on below styles will be directly donated to the Black Dog Institute.

black dog institute sale items

For those who already own a pair of ugg boots, we encourage you to wear them on the 1st of June, share it on your socials and tag us @ugg_express_australia 

#uggexpress #WearYourUggsDay

#wearyouruggstowork #uggsformentalhealth

You can also make a direct donation to the Black Dog Institute here.

We look forward to seeing you Wear Your Uggs on the 1st of June! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more exciting events & online giveaways!