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  • What different styles of Ugg boots are there?

      To the uninitiated, ugg boots are all the same. But we humans tend to be picky creatures, especially when it comes to what we wear on our feet. This is especially true when it comes to ugg boots - the perfect style of ugg boot for one person might not feel right at all for another. That’s why ugg boots come in...
  • 4 simple tips for looking after ugg boots

    Smelly, dirty ugg boots are not going to win you any friends! Try these 4 simple tips to keep your uggs looking fresh and clean, plus they will last longer.
  • The perfect winter weekend attire

    Winter weekends are all about staying toasty warm. Catching up with a friend over piping hot coffee in a cosy cafe. A brisk walk in the park to get the blood flowing. Netflix and maximum chill, perhaps? The chilly weather doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style. So we’ve put together a few tips to help you assemble the...
  • Why are Ugg boots called Ugg boots?

    The humble ugg boot has become a cultural icon in Australia, with a long and somewhat mysterious backstory. Around the 1960’s, Ugg boots started gaining mainstream attention and worked their way into the hearts (and living rooms) of families across the country. The warm, fleece-lined boots were made popular by the Aussie surfing community, who found solace in their ideal post-surf footwear and...