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  • 6 items you need for the perfect Aussie gift box

    Stuck at home while your friends are globe-trotting across the planet and dazzling everyone with their envy-inspiring Instagram posts? Are there a few family members living overseas, far from the comforts of home? Or maybe one of your best mates from another country needs a reminder of the best we Aussies have to offer. Time for an Australian care package! The best present...
  • Matching coloured ugg boots to your outfit

    There’s nothing comfier than rocking your favourite pair of uggs and getting your day underway. Your tootsies can stay toasty no matter what is on the agenda. But how much thought have you given to optimising your ugg outfit? How do you tie in a pair coloured ugg boots and pull it off? Full disclosure here: If it’s a not-leaving-the-house kind of day, then...
  • Why is Australian Sheepskin perfect for ugg boots?

    Why is Australian Sheepskin perfect for ugg boots?

    Australia has a long history in the sheep and wool industry, dating back to the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 when the first Merino sheep were brought over. Although the early settlers faced numerous challenges in successfully maintaining their sheep population, eventually areas of New South Wales and Victoria proved to be perfect for sheep farming. Eventually this paved the way...
  • Ugg boots and sheep: what you need to know

    Understanding more about the products and services we choose in our daily lives is an important part of being an informed consumer. This is particularly important when any animal products are being used. Unfortunately, the ugg boot industry has had its fair share of negative publicity based on claims of the mistreatment of animals from unethical suppliers and questionable ugg boot production methods....
  • What is ugg boot sizing like?

    Confused about ugg boot sizing? Don’t overthink it - just follow these simple tips to make sure you get the perfect fit.
  • 4 fashion-forward ways to wear ugg boots year round

    We can all agree that ugg boots are the most comfortable shoes ever made. They’re super soft, they look amazing and best of all - you can stay snug your uggs inside and outside the house at almost any time of the year without ever having to purchase another pair of shoes. Okay, the last claim might have overstepped the mark a smidgen....