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Everau x Harry Potter Collection 2021
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Harry Potter The Seeker Women T-shirt

$105.00 $59.95

Harry Potter Platform Nine Three Quarters T-shirt Women

$135.00 $69.95

Harry Potter Rememberball Women Pants

$160.00 $79.95

Harry Potter Dilluminator Women Pants

$160.00 $79.95

Harry Potter Flying Women Sneakers

$260.00 $159.00

Harry Potter Men Flying Leather Sneakers

$300.00 $179.00

Harry Potter Wizarding Chess Jumper

$240.00 $159.00

Harry Potter Expecto Patronum Jumper

$195.00 $129.00

Harry Potter Protego Jumper

$245.00 $159.00

Harry Potter Myrtles Move Skirt

$115.00 $69.00

Harry Potter Veela Skirt

$115.00 $69.00

Harry Potter Pensieve Bucket Hat UPF Protection 50+

$94.00 $59.00

Harry Potter Dumbledores Socks

$36.25 $29.00

Harry Potter Floo Powder Socks

$80.00 $45.00

Harry Potter Knight Bus Long Socks

$36.25 $29.00

Welcome to our latest Harry Potter Collection!

The Collection is inspired by Hogwarts uniforms and translated into preppy everyday fashion wear, the first items to launch from the collection include, stylish v-neck sweaters, knit pullovers, sneakers, socks and bucket hat.

Perfect for the changing season, the collection also caters to every type of Harry Potter fan with options from subtle branding through to sweaters brazenly denoting favoured Hogwarts Houses.

The Harry Potter Collection will enable die-hard fans and aficionados to dress head to toe in Harry Potter wear.

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