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Sheepskin Uggs With Outside Stitching
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Heels, sneakers, and ugg boots with outside stitching for a touch of class

Boots with outside stitching are a classic, wholesome look for the cooler months. Whether you have piles of fluff spilling out over the top of your ugg boots or a subtle wool lining around the seams of your heels, stitching on the outside of your shoes always looks classy. Here at UGG Express, we love a pair of stylish winter boots, so we’ve created a collection of boots, sneakers, and slippers with outside stitching to complete your autumn or winter wardrobe. Boost the amount of fluff and cosiness in your life. Shop our extensive range of shoes with outside stitching today.

Cosy boots for lazy days at home and heading out and about

In our Outside Stitching Collection, we have styles for every occasion, like super fluffy ugg boots for movie marathons and lazing around the house on a cool day, or fabulous heels for shopping trips, coffee dates, or meeting up with friends. No matter where you’re going, we have boots and flats to match your style. Our Women’s Talia Short Boots, for example, are perfect for those winter days curled up on the couch with blankets, pillows, and popcorn. Featuring 100% Australian sheeps wool spilling over the top of the boots and a flexible suede outer lining, you’ll be absolutely living for your Talia Short Boots. Available in classic chestnut brown and smoky grey, these neutral coloured boots will match any outfit - whether you’re rocking PJs or skinny jeans and a hoodie to brave the cold and grab a coffee down the road. For the street savvy women looking for comfort, warmth, and style for everyday wear, our Ladies Betta Heels are always a popular choice. With a thick, chunky heel for stability, a durable leather upper, a sheepskin inner lining, and fluffy outside stitching, you’ll be both comfortable and stylish in a flash.

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